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A God's Responsibilities

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"The Gods Realms" Story 1:AGR

(A God's Responsibilities)

ByJoseph E.Weinheimer

"I call upon the mighty gods. My will is broken as my master whips me. Every muscle in my body feels like it's on fire. My back is running with cold blood. I try to break free from the imaginary chains. The more I resist, the more I thought about giving up my freedom. My family is dead. So, I call upon you, gods. Don't make future generations suffer like this. Give them hope. Give something to believe in something to remind everyone the good things in life. There is only one god capable of this, the god of suns, the God of hope, the god of will, in one skin. His name is Hypertioun. This must be his Destiny!"
- Joe Seizer in 1813Hypertioun (Hyper-tee-own) was a Greek god who believes that every human should have the right of equal powers as immortals. This idea was executed by his father, Zeus, the Leader of Godhood.Zeus had long curly white hair and a white beard. The color of his robe was a light shade of purple. He had hard skin as a diamond.Hypertioun requested a second meeting at The Gods' Headquarters. The headquarters was made out of solid bricks. The main room had no windows. The temperature was ninety-five degrees. The father and son were sitting at a wooden table, across from each other. They were staring at each other silently. They knew what each other would say.From experience, Zeus believes that humans are too selfish to trust them with a great deal of responsibility. "They would never give up their deep desires for what a god needs to do," Zeus said to Hypertioun."Well, what is a god supposed to do in your perspective," Hypertioun questioned his leader."Whenever at the presence of evil, a god must do whatever it takes to exploit that evil's plan to harm humanity even if it means to die trying!" Zeus told his son."Why do you think that humans are not capable of having the wonderful power of a god?" Hypertioun asked Zeus.Zeus studied the young god for several long moments. His son had red hair, blue eyes, and a golden armor, he was also bare- footed. "This young kid is full of wonder, waiting for a lot of knowledge to flow into his mind," Zeus thought.He finally replied "Humans would most likely think about themselves before making a sacrifice for their universe," Zeus strongly suggested to his youngest son."Maybe some people would be that selfish but a few years before while saving Athens from Hades storm, I saw an eighteen year-old male risking his life to save a baby on a street!" Hypertioun yelled at Zeus as he started to walk away."This discussion is over; this idea of yours will not work," Zeus commanded!"Well, let me prove to you that this idea could work, I would not let you down dad, and you know me", Hypertioun said in a soft voiceZeus turned back to face his son. "You know the consequences if something goes wrong, right?''"Yes," Hypertioun replied"You know I'm putting my trust in you," Zeus said."Yes," Hypertioun said with a smile."Now go," Zeus said.His son smiled back to him in satisfaction as he said," It's about time you're learning,"As his son left, Zeus said to himself as he started to cry "They grow up so fast".Zeus wasn't there in his childhood because he sent Hypertioun to earth to be its' guardian. When they finally reunited Hypertioun had a mind of his own. He is occasionally resistant to his father and Zeus knew why. He remembers Hypertioun making a statement that makes him scream for thinking of himself as a poor father. "I lived in this world without you this long and I can move on from this point!" Hypertioun yelled at his father.Zeus tried to hold his tears from resurfacing but he couldn't hold his emotions from exploding.He told himself silently "I hate myself for this".Meanwhile on earth, Julhan Seizer was fixing up the tent so he and his father could rest while watching the stars. It was boring for him to just sit around for long hours but he enjoyed time with his father. There was one thing that interested him. "Are there other individuals living among us from other planets?"Julhan thought as the moist wind blew upon his head. All of a sudden, Julhan spotted a comet flying threw the northern sky. As he was staring, he noticed the comet was getting closer and closer as the speed increased. The comet was so close; Julhan could feel his own flesh burning from the heat of the comet. For some reason he knew that the comment was actually someone familiar. Someone that also was different from him. Most importantly Julhan knew why the individual was here as he read his mind as if they were the same person. Before he could move from his position, the individual was standing in his presence. "Don't be afraid, mortal, I come in peace," the god claimed.Hypertioun studied the mortal for a moment. He had long brown hair and gray eyes. The young man was pure white and he wore a white robe with a red beard. His sandals came up half of his legs."Hey, you're the guy that saved my sister and me," Julhan cheered as he played dumb."I am not a guy, I'm a god," Hypertioun declared."What brings you here?" Julhan asked."I have a proposition for you," Hypertioun explained."You see, I want to do an experiment on you,'' Hypertioun continued. "What kind of experiment?" Julhan asked curiously."I am going to give you the powers of a god and I'll see if you can handle the responsibilities that come with these powers," Hypertioun said."What responsibilities does a god have?" Julhan asked."A god must do whatever it takes to exploit any plans against humanity," Hypertioun said."You do understand this, don't you?" Hypertioun asked."Yes," Julhan answered."What is the significance of this experiment?" Julhan asked."If you prove to me that you are responsible enough to have the power of a god, your species will evolve into godhood," Hypertioun said to Julhan."What is my power?" Julhan asked."The element of fire," Hypertioun answered."What are you waiting for, give it to me now!" Julhan commanded rudely.Hypertioun ignored that comment as he gave Julhan what he wants, power. Julhan felt pain everywhere on his body from the heat but he did not care. All he cared to know was that he was seizing the power of a god. When the procedure was over Hypertioun disappeared. When he came back to his palace at Mount Olympics, he was told by a messenger named Hermes that his father wanted to see him." Hello father, you wanted to see me?""Yes, it turns out that your friend, Julhan Seizer, might get hung for murder," Zeus said.Hypertioun thought that he was a fool for doubting his father's judgment,especially when his father was wiser and more experienced. It took a few years for Hypertioun to accept this. "If I did not give Julhan his power, none of this would have happened" Hypertioun thought."Father, I did not mean for this to happen," Hypertioun said with a sorrow voice."This is not the time Hypertioun," Zeus responded."How bad was it?" Hypertioun asked."The leader of the council, Golku is taking the case in court at this instant," Zeus said.The council room was cold. Everybody was silent. Everybody was looking at the same individual. There was hatred upon their faces and they wanted justice. They got what they wanted.Julhan faced an individual standing ahead of him. The individual's skin was jade green. His eyes were red and his hair was yellow. He wore a plain white robe. The elder god was bare -footed. His name was Golku."Mr. Seizer, you have some explaining to do," Golku told Julhan."It was the day after I gained my powers. I was thinking of ways to serve my community so I can make myself useful since my Goddess banished me. She was the only reason I wanted to live. I remember her telling me that I was too violent for her after I was charged for domestic assault on one of the loyal subjects. She fell in love with a person name Hypertioun before dying from the Ruins' War.When Julhan saw Hypertioun's face he knew the unbelievable truth. "If I was there I could have protected her during the Ruins' War but she rejected me for Hypertioun!"He was going to murder the young god when the trial was over."Get to the point," Golku told Julhan.I heard a scream from a woman," Julhan told the court. He continued with a quiet voice, "I spotted the woman being held by her neck by a thief with his knife. The woman had short curly white hair with green eyes. The color of her robe is a dark shade of red. The thief was wearing light-shade of purple clothing and mask. I incinerated him with the element of fire coming out of my bare hands," Julhan explained."Did you feel anything when taking the victim's life?" Golku asked Julhan."No, I was doing my responsibility as a god," Julhan answered."What is a god in your perspective?" Golku asked Julhan."A god must do whatever it takes to protect all innocent life even if it means to potentially kill the evil that harms the innocent!" Julhan strongly explained to the court.Zeus and Hypertioun stood silently; they could not believe that their words were used against them. It took a couple of hours for the court to decide their final agonizing decision. "Mr. Seizer, you committed murder. However, you will not be hung," Golku told Julhan.There was a question mark with everyone on the jury.Golku continued, "I have heard that your powers were given to you by a god. Therefore, it is now illegal for a mortal to have god-like powers."The only thing Julhan wanted was to help and serve his community but he failed." Is my destiny destroyed by the might of the gods?" Julhan thought.Besides remorseful, Julhan was also confused. He did not know what he did wrong. All he knew was that everybody will hate him for slaughtering a man. There was only one individual that would make him feel better, his father. He would love his son no matter what he did. Julhan started to cry. Then he was thinking of the god responsible, Hypertioun.Julhan started to put his hand towards Golku's direction. "Burn," Julhan told Golku as the elder god's green body explodes.As Hypertioun started to run to the rescue, his father commanded him, "Stop, this is too dangerous for you!""Why should I, aren't these the kind of situations you exiled me to earth in the first place?" Hypertioun asked."Yes", Zeus answered his son in a quiet voice."This is my fight, Got it?" Hypertioun asked his father ruthlessly.Zeus stood there as Hypertioun faced Julhan.Zeus whispered to himself, "Forgive me, my son".Julhan blew up the whole council room just by touching the wall and killed everyone on the jury in that room besides Hypertioun and Zeus. Zeus stayed on the sidelines as he saw his son in action.The skin on Hypertioun's skull scraped off by Manfire's (Julhan) attack. The blood was dripping over his body. "Man, didn't your mother tell you not to play with fire?" Hypertioun asked Manfire with a serious face.Before he could even move he was surrounded by fire. The fire was burning his flesh until he was only muscle and bone."Even that amount of pain can't measure the pain you caused me" Julhan told Hypertioun.As Hypertioun stared at his opponent he noticed that Manfire's body was surrounded by fire without effect. He asked him a question, "What did I do to you?""You took the only thing I ever loved," Julhan told his hated enemy."No, your Goddess Cherry, left you because of your actions," Hypertioun replied."You made me do this!" Julhan yelled at Hypertioun as he burned him to ashes."Any death of innocent lives after this war concludes is your fault!" Julhan continued."How would it be my fault?" Hypertioun asked as his body reformed."I can feel the Manfire's persona taking over my body and I have to thank you for this power! I am going to kill everyone on this planet. Then, which will make you feel like you never should have stolen my purpose (Cherry) from me"."No, every man is responsible for their actions," Hypertioun said."I agree with you. That is why this world must die to make you pay because of your actions. If it wasn't for you Cherry might have lived!" Manfire replied as he started to cry."What are you talking about?" Hypertioun asked."You did not protect my goddess, Cherry, in the Ruins' war. For that everybody on Earth will die at my hands. I am going to do this just for a simple payback for my loss. As of this day I declare that my destiny is vengeance and show every person how a god's actions can corrupt life!" Manfire explained proudly.Hypertioun punched Julhan's head off. Driven by rage, Hypertioun zoomed threw Manfire's body, piercing his body in half. He was so fast that the flames of Julhan's body did not burn him. Julhan's blood splattered on every aspect of earth and his guts as well. It was no use because Manfire was able to reform his body. Every aspect of the ecosystem around him was in flames. Trees, plains, grass, animals and houses were incinerated by his mass. Hypertioun noticed that the more aggressive Julhan gets his flaming mass keeps getting bigger. Manfire's body was spread five-hundred acres long. The only way Hypertioun could think of defeating his massive foe was to give him an overload of energy with jolts of lightening. By doing so, he would take a chance of destroying everything and everyone with it on the planet. "Will it be right to take out innocent lives to take out the bigger threat?" Hypertioun asked himself.Hypertioun looked at the enemy and he knew. If he would make that choice he would be the same as Julhan and regret his decision for eternity. Miserable love ones will suffer from the deaths of their wives, husbands, children, relatives and Hypertioun would be responsible for the sadness. He felt shame in his heart from thinking something this dreadful. He knew that this wasn't the right way of life, "Why is my soul corrupted by the darkness, why I cannot see the light?" Hypertioun asked himself.Hypertioun decided to transport the both of them to an abandoned island."Why are we on an island?" Manfire asked as he punched his opponent's head off."So, I can do this," Hypertioun answered as his head reformed.A series of thunderbolts went threw Julhan's thick body. Even Manfire was in extreme pain but he blessed it. He felt like if he was having a heart-attack. Manfire's body was enduring with so much heat he could feel his own body burning inside and out. His mass was expanding five-billion acres of land. That meant one thing, his body was exploding. The impact of the explosion sends Hypertioun flying across the air. He landed eight-hundred yards north of where the explosion occurred. Hypertioun's body was nothing but blood and bones. When his body was finally reformed he noticed every aspect of earth was in flames and every mortal on it perished. This is the last moments of earth Hypertioun witnessed as earth was eliminated from the global system. Hypertioun landed on a dark fracture of the moon. His fall made a crater beneath him. All of a sudden, the young god heard someone laugh."The ironic thing about this is that you fought this war to save every innocent soul. In the end it turns out you are the destroyer and not the savior of earth, Hah! You are a worst person than me!" Manfire said as he smiled at Hypertioun as he punches him in his gut.The impact of the punch made Hypertioun's thick body crush through the moon, the moon was torn in half. As the god's body floated in mid-space, Julhan grabbed it and throw it in the sun. Hypertioun screamed as he was in extremely amount of pain. It felt like a wild animal ripping his limb by limb but more painful. Violent sun rays went through his body and aimed at Manfire. The monster smashed through several planets and landed on Pluto. Julhan's body was burned. He could not even feel his nerves. All of sudden his left arm was ripped of by Hypertioun and was slammed by it. By touching Julhan's burning skin it incinerated Hypertioun's fists as if they were thin air. It felt like acid. He fell five-hundred miles north of Pluto. As Hypertioun's fists reformed he punched against Manfire's back, piercing the body in half
As Julhan's body reformed he kicked Hypertioun in the chest. The god went flying south of the battlefield. While Hypertioun was unconscious Julhan punch the young god's body in half. Julhan's hands were cover with a mix of Hypertioun's and his blood. It was no used, the immortal body reformed. Arrrgh!" Hypertioun yelled as he ran towards the enemy with speed force."Bring it on!" Julhan smiled.Both gods were so fast they couldn't breathe or see. The two individuals crash into each other, sending them flying through the air eighty miles in opposite directions (north and south). Before Hypertioun realized it Julhan pulled an eighty-inch long sword on his neck. Hypertioun used all of his strength to punch threw the sword and hit Julhan's jaw. As he tried to punch Manfire the second time Manfire was able to grab his fists and sent him flying through the air (again). Hypertioun landed fifty acres south from the battlefield. Before he could breathe he was grabbed by the neck by Manfire's grasp. Hypertioun felt if he were moments before death. His face was turning purple. For every sin a man must face his consequences. Hypertioun deserved death because of his actions. Hypertioun is responsible for the death of the human race. Everything he convince himself was a lie. He stands for murder, not justice. For that reason Hypertioun wanted to die. "One day everyone in existence
Must die because everyone has sin and death is the suitable punishment. Before I die I wanted to finish what I started, "Hypertioun thought to himself. Hypertioun started to kick Julhan multiple times in his guts. Julhan was sent flying in the northern sky. While the monster was still in the sky Hypertioun launched forward towards the enemy. He used both fists towards Julhan's body. He could feel the energy from Julhan being absorbed into his body. The power felt overwhelming. The God could feel something powerful resistance over his body. A new personality emerged over his strong-willed mind. For the first time he understood who he is and his darkest joy became reality. "For everything that happened I have to thank you. The only reason I stood for justice because I was afraid of what I may be capable of. For years I convinced myself I dedicated my life to protect the people. I thought humans had rights but I didn't notice I was protecting monsters as you. In the end a human would do anything for power even if it means to slaughter an individual. That is why you must die," Manfire (spirit inhabiting Hypertioun's body) as Julhan's body fell straight on pieces of Saturn. Nobody was harm from the impact. As Hypertioun went towards the enemy with speed force Manfire panicked. Out of instinct, Julhan use his potential energy as a shield. As Hypertioun got closer he just absorbed the energy from the shield. Hypertioun sliced through Julhan's body with his own energy. As Hypertioun could see, there was a pile of blood right front of him. As the young god came closer to the pile Julhan's body reformed and punch Hpertioun under the neck. The god was sent flying twenty miles from the battlefield. As Hypertioun fell on a fracture of Venus it created a crater beneath him. Before he could breath Julhan punched Hypertioun's face. "Listen, this fight is useless," Julhan replied.
"I've just begun; you need to die for our sins!" Hypertioun yelled.As Julhan's body reformed he responded, "Well, I am not responsible for the complete annihilation of humanity," Julhan responded.
Hypertioun started to grab his enemy from the throat."Without your influence I wouldn't have seen my destiny, therefore, you are a worse person than me, " Manfire said with a grin.
Julhan started to lose conscious. He knows this is the moment he will die. He was frightened like a small child. He looked around his surroundings but he couldn't find his father."Hypertioun, I used to care only about power and no value of life. I did not realize that my actions affect the people around me. I caused only death and destruction because I only cared about myself. Eventually it made me felt like some spear pierce my heart. I felt nothing but depression and sorrow because I was alone! I was like an anguish child that is why I started to worship Cherry but even she could not heal my heart. I responded with violent behavior. I am for certain are that every action a person takes can affect their future and everybody around them. If a person really loves the people around him/her you need to think what would happen to them because of your actions," Julhan strongly stated.
"I've heard enough!'' Hypertioun responded.
"I am fighting to survive just for you, dad," Julhan thought to himself.
There were massive energy surging threw their vanes. When their hearts and body couldn't bare the pressure anymore there energies collided. As Hypertioun's energy waves got more repulsive and resistant Julhan's became stronger. The confrontation caused a massive explosion. It was raining blood. Hypertioun's body landed on a fracture of Saturn. His all four limbs were detached. Julhan was unarmed. He believed he lost and the villain won. Hypertioun knew this was probably the final moment of his life. He ultimately failed as a hero mentally and physically.
Julhan continued his speech, "if you kill me it would not be any different than the death of Cherry In the end, you will figure out your actions wouldn't be worth the penalty. Don't let your dark side (Manfire) take control over you, "Julhan told the god. "You're a worst person than me," Hypertioun remembered Julhan saying to him.Hypertioun started to cry because he knew Julhan was correct. He risked every individual on earth just to kill a person out of anger.Hypertioun Lost control and he had to face deadly consequences. "This is why mortals are afraid of immortals like me. Gods like me are giving them (gods) a bad name. I have too much power. I am too immature to handle the responsibility of a god. I'm Immature enough to scare myself. I persuade myself that I serve and protect the people. In the end, I fight against myself decide between responsibilities and desires. In the end, I am not strong enough to make the right choices as gods. It is too much power to control," Hypertioun thought as he continues to cry.To Julhan, he had no purpose in life. The only reason he wanted to live is to serve his Goddess, Cherry."I will serve you for eternity, my love" Julhan remembered saying to Cherry as he was kissing her soft-skinned hand. Her skin was soft as a marsh mellows.She had golden jewelry on her neck and on her wrists. She had long curly black hair. The color of her eyes was an olive green. Her earrings were made out of gold and were small as a zipper with a picture of a pyramid on them. Her mouth was smooth and red as a cherry. Cherry also had beautiful pure white skin. The color of her robe was a light shade of red. She had green sandals with yellow stripes of gold. Julhan remembers the scene seducing. For some reason Hypertioun had the same thoughts as Julhan as if they were his own. He had a flashback."I don't want you to go, Cherry, you might die," Hypertioun remembered saying to Cherry before going to the Ruins' war."I must, my love because if I don't our men (soldiers) will die," Cherry responded."Forget about them, you mean more to me!" Hypertioun said concerned."Hypertioun, you speak treason. It is our duty is to protect the mortals from earth. To fulfill our duty we must put everybody else before us even if it means death. If we don't mortals cannot survive. It is the most honorable and right path to take," Cherry stated strongly."I love you and always remember me," Hypertioun responded as a bottle of emotions exploded."I'll never forget you and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have learned the difference between right and wrong. I would have been nothing without you. You gave me a purpose. Without you I would be useless," Cherry said as she started to cry."Don't cry, this will cheer you up," Hypertioun said as he started to smile.Cherry's desperate green eyes started to look in Hypertioun's for happiness.Hypertioun felt kinetic energy threw his body. His heart started to beat three times faster than usual. He started to think if his following actions would be the right choice. Hypertioun doesn't know if he loved Cherry for the right reasons. When He was on earth he was lonely. He desperately wanted somebody to take over his life. Hypertioun wanted somebody guide him to the right path. He wanted somebody telling him what a conscious is. He wanted to be the ultimate hero. That is why Hypertioun wanted to have a companion and he gets what he wants. He knew if he didn't kiss Cherry he would never know if he made the right choice. As the god kiss his love nothing mattered to the young gods any more. All they knew is they could rely on each other. When one showed weakness the other heals him/her. Most importantly that this moment was the best decision the young gods made. As Hypertioun looked at Julhan he figured that Cherry would not approved of him killing the man because it wasn't right.All of a sudden Hypertioun heard a sound, "Nobody loves me anymore so kill me, and I do not want to suffer anymore!" Julhan said as he continues to wall. For the first time, Hypertioun felt pity, hatred, anger around him. He wanted Julhan to pay the consequences for his crimes. He asked himself a question, "Does Julhan Seizer deserve death?"At the end Hypertioun couldn't blame anybody but himself for the past events. "If I listened to my father, Julhan would have a normal life. If I listened to my father, a lot of people would be living. If I listened to my father, he might have loved me. If I didn't try to live on my own, I would have a happier life. It is my fault, mine! I am the murderer of these people. I'm sorry dad, forgive me," Hypertioun thought to himself."No, there's always consequences for a man and I would not bare the consequences of what I was gong to do to you," Hypertioun strongly stated to Manfire.Trust me, I know a place you would be happy", Hypertioun continued."Where?" Julhan asked Hypertioun."Home,"Hypertioun replied.When Julhan was transported back to the camp site in the forest without his powers; he found that no time had passed. Reality was restored. All he witnessed seemed like a nightmare to him. All of his desires were gone because of his actions but he did not care. As he was lying in the dry grass, Julhan realized that there was an individual beside him. An individual that cared about him no matter what he might have done. Julhan loved him for this. He was bald with a white beard. His skin is wrinkled. His robe was a light- shade of blue with gray sandals. He was Julhan's father.At the "Gods Headquarters", there stand two individuals looking at each other silently.Considering everything that happened, Zeus started to wonder. He asked his son a question, "does everything we try lead to destruction in the hands of mortals?""No, most people were taught that they can protect their loved ones without trying to harm someone else," Hypertioun told his father."Well, I'm glad that I taught you right," Zeus told his son with a smile."Yes, you did," Hypertioun replied as he smiled back."I apologize for leaving you", Zeus told his son with a sorrow voice."When did you leave me?" Hypertioun asked."In your childhood", Zeus answered."Your spirit never left me from my conscience, guiding me threw everyday problems. "You know why? I'm a son of a noble god who knows the difference between right and wrong. I did not realize that before but I know now. For that I love you," Hypertioun told Zeus.Zeus responded, "I love you too."For a thousand years, Zeus finally had what he always wanted, respect from his son.Before they were able to hug each other, there was a massive explosion that causes the entire headquarters explode. The impact of the explosion did not affect the gods. A group of gray and shiny robots were surrounded them. "In the name of the council, Hypertioun, you're under arrest!" A Golkurisan Trooper said disturbed voice."What did I do?" Hypertioun asked in a curious voice."All of these years and you still don't get it. You are the most powerful god out there. Nobody can control you. You can do anything you want even if it means to destroy a world over and over again. If the future should live, you must be hung!" A robot said as he spit on Hypertioun."Not if we have anything to say about it," the two rebels said.The two male rebels looked like mortal teenagers. They are identical twins. They both have light-shade of red hair and freckles. They have zipped black coats and match boots. They also have dark-shade blue jeans. All of a sudden, Hypertioun and the rebels disappeared."Where are we?" Hypertioun asked as he was confused.One of the rebels answered with a serious face, "Father, welcome to the future.

"To be continued

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